Jaci & Cane are an independent label with over 17 years’ experience in the fashion playground. In 2015, Jaci & Cane launched a hire service for their second skin items and have continued to evolve since.  


Jaci & Cane now provide their clients with strong statement pieces that symbolize strength & add an extra punch of empowerment to your style.

Inspired by the natural instinct of rebellion, curiosity, and the hypocrisy of human behaviour. Inspired by the freedom of expression and influenced by body modifications; traditional and urban interpretations of self-discovery, alternative sub-cultures, and the beauty with which fetishism flirts with fashion.

Jaci & Cane create & design for the person who is not afraid to explore their inner self. Sculptural second skin innovations ranging from handbags, corsets, and masks to adornments & accessories that sculpt our gloriously unique bodies; using your body as a vehicle of expression.

Vegetable tanned leather is the main material used for all products & salvaged leather & off-cuts are used wherever possible. With a no waste policy in our studio, no leather is thrown away!

The leather used is a by-product of the meat industry & feel proud to honour animals by creating products that will age well and give & give a new life & story . Vegetable tanned leather is chemical-free and the process is less harmful to the environment & workers than many other modern mass-produced leathers. It is also more sustainable than most other ‘vegan’ leather alternatives which contain high chemical/plastic content. In lieu of harmful chemicals, our leather is produced by harnessing naturally-occurring tannins, such as tree bark, leaves and berries. The result provides a beautiful look, delicate smell, and natural finish.

Our products rest upon the value of true craftsmanship; allowing the designs to embrace flaws, be more spontaneous and respect the material.

With Love J&C