At Jaci & Cane we are obsessed with duality, the battle between the mental and physical, the spirit & the flesh. With two sides to everything we explore by shutting down one sense to heighten another; hard & soft, fragile & strong, in-control & out of control when we want to be.

Inspired by the natural instinct of rebellion, curiosity and the hypocrisy of human behaviour. We are inspired by the freedom of expression, taking influence from body modifications; traditional and urban interpretations of self-discovery, alternative sub-cultures and  how fetishism flirts beautifully with fashion.

We create and design for the person who is not afraid to explore their inner self. Dark sculptural creations ranging from corsets, masks, adornments & accessories that mould and sculpt our glorious unique bodies; using your body as a vehicle of expression.

Here at Jaci & Cane we offer custom requests from individuals and collaboration for larger projects. Tell us your story and we will research, sketch, and design to make your visions come to life.

At Jaci & Cane we have over 17 years’ experience within the fashion playground, crossing over into the world of costume and performance.

We use end rolls and off cuts of leather along with vegetable tanned leather which is our main material. The leather we use is a by-product and we source everything as locally as possible. This not only supports our values on true craftsmanship, it allows the designs to embrace the flaws, be more spontaneous and respect the material; all our products are hand-crafted and moulded for you. J&C

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